Hello Jazz Fans

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

was written in 1957 by  British singer, songwriter Ewan MacColl.

He wrote it for his girl friend, Peggy Seeger.  She sang the song when they performed in various folk clubs around  Britain.

I don't magine his wife was happy. The duo were lovers as well.

Roberta Flack  took the song to another level when she won Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the 1972 Grammy Awards.



Welcome Spring!

Stay safe


I hope everyone is well.  Being locked down for two years was rough. I feel like a butterfly who has just emerged from her chrysalis. Be safe.

January 1.  Happy New Year!


2021 Pandemic 

My calendar reminded me of a GIG that would have happened March 7; Sunday Brunch,11am-3pm. 


Planet earth has adjusted to a virus that is airborne. Glad when it's over.  cc

2020 Pandemic  

Checking in.  Everything happened so fast! This global infection is a killer. Humans have come to a temporary halt as to the way life will be for a while. So now that the new way of life is to keep your distance, goodbye to the old way.  A live gig is out of the question at present. I enjoyed my tenure at Colombo’s Italian Restaurant and Jazz Club. I miss the whole scene. My pianist, Sunny Na and I played there on the first and third Sunday’s 11-3p. Now I find myself working on projects to keep busy. The…

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Hello JAZZ Fans 

Been busy traveling. Now its back to work. Im looking for a few fine musicians who would like to part of my latest project. Please contact me at this web site or leave me a message at my other email address onejazzsinger@earthlink.net Today is APRIL 5, 2016

JAZZ Fans 

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Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition 

Hello Friends and Fans.  I just found about a competion thats been happening since June.  I need your vote and I need for you to tell as many of your friends as well.  The competition ends AUG 15 at 2:00pm eastern time. I 'd love to win this!!

PLEASE go to http://indaba.me935803105   You may only vote once.  THANKS

Help Keep Jazz Alive!! 

For all you Jazz Lovers,  Support Jazz when ever you can.  It is America's Original Music.  Don't let it fade away.  Many Jazz Clubs in the Los Angeles area are closing.  CAFE 322, in Sierra Madre CA, a favorite for the locals, has closed.  7 years of great music was set on that stage.  I loved the beautiful white piano, and the room.  Sadly it's gone.  I'm proud to say I was the first and last jazz vocalist to perform on their stage!



Ready for more wonderful JAZZ?  Stay tuned.  New CD project underway.  Wishing for more GIGs.  2012 is going to be a good year.

First Day of Spring 

Happy Birthday, Dad.   I am going to miss you.


When I was a little girl I remember hearing about this singer named Etta James.  My mother told me she used to make my father cry when ever he heard her sing.  Well, when I became a teenager I found out Ms. Etta was performing at a place in Los Angeles called 'The Parisian Room'.  I was determained to see what this woman looked like.  Yes this woman who made my father cry.  I dressed up to make myself look older, (at least I thought so).  I pushed…

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