Lemon Twist

As sparkling, tart and fun as a Lemon Twist, Cheryl Conley's new album offers a little bit of something for everyone. From her soft, whistful take on the Fats Waller classic Ain't Misbehavin' to her electrifying tribute to Dads everywhere, Song for My Father.

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Tender Moments

Tender Moments was recorded in 2003 featuring jazz vocalist Cheryl Conley and the musical talents of pianist Bobby Pierce, drummer Donald Dean, bassist Donnell Lambert and also sax player James Kousakis.

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Santa Baby

Cheryl Conley sings with the best of them! That's right - Ella, Sarah! Ask any jazz musician to listen to this CD and they will tell you that this is the real deal! Woody Herman was quoted as saying that Cheryl Conley's voice is "clear as a bell!"

Newell Canfield, Producer/Drummer knew the sound he wanted and got it! He plays Gretsch drums to get that warm non-intrusive sound! In the studio he used old fashioned ribbon mikes, set them up, and performed each tune in one to two takes. Newell's ability to play softly using a wide range of dynamics creates a canvas for the other musicians to hear and play off of each other. He has played with Cheryl Conley for 28 years.

Janet Jones plays with such lyricism that you can at times see snow flakes falling. Janet and Newell have been playing as a duo for 10 years and it shows! They breathe together! They have been playing together for 15 years.

Harry Smith's 450 year old bass has a spirit that lives inside and can only be coaxed out by Harry! Harry's bass sings and has its own voice that talks to Cheryl and the other musicians! These are magical conversations that can only happen in a setting of mutual respect. These musicians have evolved together over a long period of time.

Cheryl, Janet, Harry, and Newell are seasoned musicians that play this music in its truest art form - it inspires and takes you to another place that is to be enjoyed, cherished and celebrated!

This album is about real musicianship and sharing the joy of life - Joie de Vi-vre!

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