My ... How fast the time goes! I'm enjoying my 'freedom' and working on my 'goals' ~  Paying dues like everyone else in this business! ~ I've been writing as well as working on some new tunes to learn, from a list of 'request' and am seriously considering the title REQUEST for my next CD .. Hanging out at JAM sessions is paying off.  I met some nice gentlemen who are serious about perserving the JAZZ experience here in the LA area..snagged a good gig..I hope all of you are mindful of your health. It seems to be worth more then all the money in the world!

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who are buying my music on the internet. I'm loving CD Baby..  Independent Musicians work very hard to be recoginized! So please continue to support JAZZ and its makers. Maybe a 'Grammy' one day.

THANK YOU for stoping by.


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