Jazz Concert at St Andrews Saturday November 13

Performing inside of St Andrews Church, located in Pasadena California, was a treat.  The sounds swirled around the marble pillars, mixing with the beautiful acoustics. The audience appreciating the artistry of each musician.  Tenor Sax player Carl Randal and his wonderful group made it feel like I was in heaven as  I stood at the edge of the steps facing this enormous space and reaching back my thru childhood memories. How many times had I climbed those choir loft stairs hoping no stange person would reach out from a dark hiding place and grab me? There was 'safety' with the childrens choir once I reached the top. This is a huge church and scary to a small child. Ah!..and there is a black & white group 'First Communion' picture of me somewhere,  back when I was in second grade,  taken outside on the steps facing south.   Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be standing on that alter singing jazz,  along with a world famous violin player, Yvette Deverux!!  It was great.  Hope to see you at Hip Kitty.  It is my fourth year doing a 'Santa Baby' jazz party.  

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