Keep Jazz Alive

    Well everyone.  There are many of us dedicated to keeping Jazz alive.  Its so sad when the venues shrink and you get cancelled because the owner wants Rock and Roll.  This past week-end I spent a little time at one of my favorite places to perform, CAFE 322 in beautiful Sierra Madre California.  Sadly it was to say goodbye.  Yes they closed their doors. No more Jazz or anything else at CAFE 322.  On July 5, 2005 they opened and I was the first Jazz vocalist to sing on their stage.  What a nice place.  The food and libations were excellent.  Saturday evening I sat in with Chuck Manning and a friend from my college days, Chad Edwards. Bye Bye Blackbird was my farewell song.  Last Jazz vocalist to sing on their stage.  That's not good. I will miss their Maragurita Pizza for sure.  Thanks Mario!  

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